Living and Gaming in Malta

Apr 24

The casino industry is an enticing place to work, and where better to work than the gaming hub that is the island of Malta. Malta is world famous for its Malta Gaming Authority, which is one of the stricter regulatory bodies. This has made it one of the more desirable authorities for issuing licenses to online casinos. For those who wish to embark on a journey into this industry, they could do worse than begin in Malta.

This may sound like a great idea to move over to Malta but there are a few things that a budding industry chaser needs to be aware of or think through before jumping right in. Firstly, it is in fact necessary to acquire residency in Malta before being able to work there. The very first step is an easy one, though. Simply submit the client’s nationality and the country they originate from. For this, there are many well qualified law firms that are more than capable of aiding any potential resident in these matters. Some companies such as GTG Advocates have helped people from around the world in achieving residency for Malta. This unique ability to accept people on a global scale is another point in Malta’s favour, as it means that there is an ever-growing multicultural task force always on the island.

After residency has been acquired, the next hurdle comes in the form of actually being able to get a casino or gaming related job. As with everywhere in the world, this can be hard, there are however many places to search online that can aid with this quest. For those that are excessively organized and committed, the job can be applied for and achieved even before the residency has been granted.

Overall, when using a qualified law firm, the residency process is a relatively straightforward one.