Picking your Poker

Mar 17

When it comes to poker, there are a large number of different variants available. The choice of game will depend on the preferences of the player as each game caters to a different skill. Outlined below are some different variants that can be played.

Texas Hold’em

This is the most popular form and the variant most people associate with the game of poker. It offers relatively simple gameplay that involves each player receiving two cards only they can see, called hole cards. Decisions such as bets or folding are made, and then three community cards are dealt on the table face up.

Over the course of the rest of the game, two more community cards are placed on the table after a round of betting. Players must create a five-card hand using the community cards and the hole cards.


This variant is very similar to Texas Hold’em, but players are dealt four cards instead. Five community cards are also dealt, and players use a combination of the community cards and their own cards to create the best hand. However, they must use two of the cards in their hand. Betting is the same as Texas Hold’em though the best hands do vary between the two games.

Pineapple Poker

A lesser-known variant, Pineapple Poker blends both Omaha and Texas Hold’em into one superb game. Each player is dealt three cards, one of which the player must then choose to discard.

The game is then played in a similar fashion to Texas Hold’em with players aiming to make the best five-card hand out of the cards available to them. However, there are different Pineapple variants, with different requirements on how many hole cards must be used to create the final hand.

There are multiple other variants of poker available such as Razz, Caribbean Stud and HORSE, all of which come with a range of skills and options.

Tips for Becoming a Poker Pro

Mar 06

Poker is a relatively easy game to learn, but it is much harder to master. Many of us have been somewhat blinded by the glamorous games that we see on the television and assume that poker players must be great liars in order to win. This, however, is one of the greatest misconceptions about poker and one of the reasons why many new players fail.

Contrary to popular belief, bluffing is not the pinnacle of poker strategy. In fact, many of the best poker players never have to bluff at all. It should be used as a last resort. A rookie mistake in a game full of pros is to begin bluffing. Most of them will see through this ruse in an instant, and that is where the game will start to unravel for you. Let’s get back to basics.

In order to improve you need to learn all the little ins and outs of the game. Get to grips with the rules, the hands and the way the game flows until you know it like the back of your hand. Paying attention to what is happening both with the cards and with the other players is key and is an integral part of learning the flow of the game.

As a rule, in the early stages of learning, there’s no shame in folding more than playing. Many new players make the mistake of trying to play through a hand when folding would be a better option. In this vein, we come back to the idea of bluffing. Pretending you have a better hand then you do only works in some instances and if you have the savvy and knowhow to back it up. For the most part, leave bluffing alone and focus on your own game improvement. To do otherwise just indicate you as a rookie and you will find yourself losing as a consequence.

These are just a few of the many tips that are available for new poker players. Focus and discipline are key, and with practice, you should see an improvement in your game.

Best online poker tournaments

Jan 19

The online poker world is packed with online poker rooms and these have given rise to events and tournaments that give players a chance to win big. If you have tried online poker games and think you are ready for a tournament, or you are an experienced tournament player, then we take a look at the best tournaments available today.

Best Poker Tournaments for Beginners

There are a number of events that are perfect for someone who has never tried playing in an online tournament. There are some that are simulations, allowing you to play the hands and get used to the tournament format when playing with virtual cash. You can learn the best strategies for betting in poker tournaments in order to develop and improve your playing style.

When you are ready to move into a real-money poker tournament, these are the best ones for beginners:

  • PokerStars 180 Player Sit N Go Tournaments
  • 888 Poker Daily Blowfish Tournament
  • Party Poker Lucky Dollar

These tournaments have a smaller buy-in stake than other games, making it much better for beginners to try these out first, before heading for big money games.

There are plenty of other online poker events to choose from, and you can practice for free in a lot of poker rooms.

Biggest Poker Tournaments

Players that have lots of experience with online poker tournaments may choose to go to an actual event. Live poker tournaments have become huge recently; some are big televised events with big cash prizes for the tournament winner.

The biggest live poker tournaments include:

  • WSOP – World Series of Poker
  • WPT Championship
  • EPT Grand Final

These tournaments have hit the headlines due to the life-changing amounts that can be won. The 2017 WSOP champion walked away with a whopping 8.1 million dollars.

Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro, online and live poker tournaments are an exciting way to take your poker game to the next level.

Casino Affiliation – What is Involved?

Dec 19

Being a casino affiliate is an ideal career to start alongside another job. Like many online careers, it can be carried out from anywhere in the world, and to become a casino affiliate can be a lucrative way in which to earn money. But what exactly is a casino affiliate and how can one get started?

A casino affiliate is someone who promotes other casino brands, the obvious lure being that by going the right way about becoming a casino affiliate, and going with the right brands, there are large amounts of money to be made. There are some excellent websites with very in-depth guides on how to embark on this career path. In general, to be an affiliate, there is a broad span of knowledge needed – not only a good understanding of how casinos work and what players are looking for when they search for an online casino, but also knowledge of online marketing, algorithms and long-tail keywords, amongst other things.

When thinking about online casino affiliate marketing, it is important to think about search engines and the way in which words will be picked up on, and, in turn, where they will take the organic user. The words that the search engines pick up on need to be very specific to the company and the brand that it wants to promote. For example, using widespread words like ‘poker casino’ will probably pick up every single online casino, but using words with more specificity will refine the search results. So, for example, one could type ‘luxury high end rare game casino’, or include a type of poker which may not be as popular in other casinos, which would then eradicate a lot of the results from the basic search, and bring up a very different set of results – possibly better linked to the client’s casino and brand.

Living and Gaming in Malta

Apr 24

The casino industry is an enticing place to work, and where better to work than the gaming hub that is the island of Malta. Malta is world famous for its Malta Gaming Authority, which is one of the stricter regulatory bodies. This has made it one of the more desirable authorities for issuing licenses to online casinos. For those who wish to embark on a journey into this industry, they could do worse than begin in Malta.

This may sound like a great idea to move over to Malta but there are a few things that a budding industry chaser needs to be aware of or think through before jumping right in. Firstly, it is in fact necessary to acquire residency in Malta before being able to work there. The very first step is an easy one, though. Simply submit the client’s nationality and the country they originate from. For this, there are many well qualified law firms that are more than capable of aiding any potential resident in these matters. Some companies such as GTG Advocates have helped people from around the world in achieving residency for Malta. This unique ability to accept people on a global scale is another point in Malta’s favour, as it means that there is an ever-growing multicultural task force always on the island.

After residency has been acquired, the next hurdle comes in the form of actually being able to get a casino or gaming related job. As with everywhere in the world, this can be hard, there are however many places to search online that can aid with this quest. For those that are excessively organized and committed, the job can be applied for and achieved even before the residency has been granted.

Overall, when using a qualified law firm, the residency process is a relatively straightforward one.

Benefits of a Custom Gaming Controller

Feb 14

The days of Super Mario Brothers on the Super Nintendo are gone, gaming is now an ultra competitive and sometimes even professional career choice where performance has started to become more and more important. Professional and casual gamers looking for higher return out of their video game play can turn to custom controllers and other peripherals for the extra edge that their game needs. Controller, mouse and keyboards are common equipment that serious gamers will upgrade to improve their performance in game.


After market controllers seek to improve in game performance largely through two things; ergonomics and accessibility. These types of controllers will often have more buttons than a normal factory controller. The extra buttons can be programmed to specific functions, or sometimes to specific combinations of commands so pressing one of the programmed buttons might replace pressing pressing several buttons on a normal controller. Ergonomics is the other common factor, finding a controller that more comfortably fits the hand of the gamer to increase performance.

Gaming Mice

Variable, on the fly, DPI changes are the highlight of gaming mice. DPI increases the sensitivity of the mouse, meaning it takes smaller movements of the hand to move the mouse pointer the same distance on the screen. For high clicking games like RTS titles this can vastly improve functionality. Often there is a ‘switch’ so teh user can flip between hyper-sensitivity and not depending on the application. These mice are also geared towards ergonomics, striving to give the user as comfortable an experience as they can. Extra buttons, often where the thumb rests, can add functionality to the user as well. These extra buttons can be programmed with different commands.

Custom Keyboards

Custom keyboards are mostly concerned with extra keys with special programmable functions. As many games prefer using the ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘s’ and ‘d’ keys for directional movement because there are more keys in that area of the keyboard than the traditional arrow keys, gaming keyboards will put even more buttons in that area, or spread out the ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘d’, ‘w’ keys to make them easier to use as directional keys. Different shapes and key spacing can improve performance largely depending on the personal preferences of the user.